Cyndy’s Bynn is the fashion and gift shop where smart snazzy women come to get dressed, buy gifts, and decorate their homes at The Rivah.

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  • 311 Virginia Street
  • Urbanna, Virginia 23175
  • (804) 758–3756
  • Mon. - Sat. 10:00am to 4:00pm

Welcome to Cyndy’s Bynn

Cyndy’s Bynn store frontCyndy’s Bynn Urbanna VirginiaCyndy’s Bynn has everything for the snazzy woman

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When it comes to looking good and having great style, Cyndy’s Bynn has you covered – in a rainbow of colors and in all sizes under the rainbow. We carry ladies clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry and more. But style doesn’t stop at your closet. Your home is a reflection of your style, and we have extraordinary furnishings for your home as well – custom silk flower arrangements, glassware, tabletop décor, lamps, ribbon, boat booty - and the list goes on. Come see for yourself why Cyndy’s Bynn is the place to shop in Urbanna, Virginia.

accessories at Cyndy’s Bynnaccessories at Cyndy’s Bynnaccessories at Cyndy’s Bynn

Cyndy’s Bynn Shopping Gal

For You

  • Clothing
  • Handbags
  • Shoes
  • Jewelry
  • Belts
  • Hats
  • Gloves
  • Scarves

Chic Clothing Fashions

It all begins with a great look – a chic look. Chic is derived from the French word ‘chiqué’ which means skills and elegance. In our time it has been used to refer to a woman as smart and stylish. At Cyndy’s Bynn we carry the chic styles that will help you look your very best, no matter what the occasion. From formal to casual, you'll always find the perfect outfit, and our friendly and helpful staff are always here to assist you.

Find French Dressing Jeans at Cyndy's Bynn

For most women finding your jean identity is not an easy task. In today’s society where denim has become an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe. It is a must have item for all seasons. It doesn’t matter if you're curvy, petite, straight or tall, there's a FDJ style that will accent your best features, making you feel sexy but always comfortable. Stop into Cyndy's Bynn and try on a pair for yourself. We've got your French Dressing Jeans style right here in Urbanna, Virginia!

Find French Dressing Jeans at Cyndy's BynnFind French Dressing Jeans at Cyndy's BynnFind French Dressing Jeans at Cyndy's Bynn

Find your style at Cyndy's Bynn

The Finishing Touch – Accessories

Handbags at Cyndy’s BynnClothing accessories at Cyndy’s BynnUseful accessories at Cyndy’s Bynn

inside Cyndy’s Bynn of Urbanna, Virginia

Why you should accessorize.

You accessorize for many reasons – to bring attention to your best features and minimize your worst. Accessories can bring an outdated outfit back into style or change the seasonal appearance of a favorite outfit. You can create the “look" ”you want with accessories: such as chic, business, fun or artistic; and with a quick change of your shoes, handbag, and a piece of jewelry – your day’s business outfit can be ready for a night of dinner and dancing! Let us show you how accessories can save you money by adding more options to your wardrobe.

Accessories at Cyndy’s BynnFun accessories at Cyndy’s BynnFashion accessories at Cyndy’s Bynn

You can quickly ruin a great outfit with the wrong choice of accessories. You can just as easily make an ordinary outfit look extraordinary with the right choice of accessories. If you’ve always had difficulties in tying your outfit together with just the right finishing touches, the ladies at Cyndy’s Bynn are here to help! Accessorizing is easy to learn and we’ll help you to become a pro at stylishly accessorizing your outfits, and we have a great selection of accessories to get you started!

Jewelry to Accessorize

Jewelry can not only be used to accessorize your outfits, but to flatter your personal appearance. The correct piece of jewelry can bring out the best of a neckline or the shape of your face, and it can be used to hide the less flattering features. Choosing the right piece of jewelry to do both is easy when you have assistance from the staff of Cyndy’s Bynn. We’ll help you easily coordinate your outfit and bring out the best in your natural features.

Jeff Lieb jewelry at Cyndy’s Bynn

Accessorizing with jewelry doesn’t have to be extravagant, and in reality, jewelry accessories are best when they are simple – simply flattering. For example, when wearing a turtleneck, skip the necklace altogether and wear BIG earrings with your hair up. Then add a large ring for a touch of flair and femininity.

If you’re wearing a jacket or a collared shirt, a large brooch on the shoulder works best, or layers of chunky necklaces; and if you roll up your sleeves, you can wear bangles to finish off the look.

bracelets in all colors at Cyndy’s Bynnjewelry and more at Cyndy’s Bynnfun jewelry at Cyndy’s Bynn

jewelry by Jeff Lieb at Cyndy’s Bynnjewelry by Jeff Lieb at Cyndy’s Bynnjewelry by Jeff Lieb at Cyndy’s Bynn

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Cyndy’s Bynn has Even More!

Home Decor at Cyndy’s BynnUnique matching home decor at Cyndy’s BynnMy Special Moment at Cyndy’s Bynn

using mirrors and lamps to decorate

Personalize Every Room

Often ignored when finishing the design of a room in your home or even on your boat, are the accessories. Those final finishing touches, such as artwork, lamps, decorative items, and object d’art must not go understated. The little touches you add to a room can set the mood, make a statement, and reflect on your personality. You can truly pull a room together with just a few decorative pieces placed in just the right places.

Unique home decor at Cyndy’s BynnItems for entertaining at Cyndy’s BynnDecor for home and boat at Cyndy’s Bynn

Sell gal for Cyndy’s Bynn

For Your Home

  • Fine Acrylic Glass
  • Lamps
  • Boat Booty
  • Serving Platters
  • Canisters
  • Holiday Decor
  • Mirrors
  • Vases

Serving in Style

Casual dinnerware is a household staple, and whether choosing for yourself or as a gift, a little forethought can ensure a purchase that will endure for years to come, both in style and wear. The Beatriz Ball™ Collection speaks for itself in the story of creative artisans and skilled craftsmen. The company stands behind each piece it creates. Easy to care for, you can bake, chill, and serve in each stunning piece and with just a quick rub, the pieces will shine like new use after use. We invite you to stop in and see for yourself this collection of handmade metalware.

Purchase Beatriz Ball at Cyndy’s Bynn

“In a world of mass production, handmade is the true luxury...”

Beatriz Ball™ pieces are made entirely by hand, one at a time, using the ancient art of sand casting: pouring a premium quality alloy of molten aluminum into sand molds, and then going through four levels of polishing. More than twelve different sets of hands are involved in the creation of each piece, and the result of this intensely handmade process is a piece with a depth of character, warmth and personality that communicates in a way that only a handmade piece can.

Beatriz Ball logo

Beatriz Ball at Cyndy’s BynnBeatriz Ball at Cyndy’s BynnBeatriz Ball at Cyndy’s Bynn

Brighten Up a Room

Interior Lighting at Cyndy’s Bynn

using mirrors and lamps to decorate

Lighting is usually the last item added to a room. In fact, a room’s lighting should be one of the first things considered. The correct lighting can increase the purpose, mood, and style of any room. When choosing the lighting for your room, opt for a combination of several lighting types. Table and floor lamps can help accentuate a room, draw attention to your favorite décor, and illuminate a dark corner. Cyndy’s Bynn has a vast selection of accent lamps to add to the style of all the rooms in your home.

Lighting decor at Cyndy’s BynnLighting decor at Cynyd’s BynnLighting decor at Cyndy’s Bynn

Mirrors are often an overlooked item when decorating a room. They can give the illusion of a larger space when hung over a fireplace or strategically placed within a room. Mirrors are exceptionally adaptable to any interior design and an affordable choice when decorating. When paired together, mirrors and lighting can be combined to create dramatic effects to any room in your home.

The Little Touches

If you have a friend who is hosting a party, or a daughter leaving for college, you can help them balance their rooms and pull a look together with a few choice pieces of bric–a–brac. Small items to display can add a fun and cheery ambiance to an otherwise under decorated small apartment for the newlywed couple, and will become a treasured keepsake of their first years of marriage. Whimsical pieces with a nautical flair can be added to an office setting to remind a co–worker of a recent trip and add interest to their business space.

Knick Knacks and Bric a Brac at Cyndy’s Bynn

One of the true arts of interior decorating is in the use of “knick knacks” when putting the finishing touches on a room’s décor. We have a great selection at Cyndy’s Bynn of vases, figurines, boat booty, and more. When placed strategically throughout the rooms of your home, you put a touch of style and your own personality on display. Our inventory changes regularly, so be sure to visit us often to see what’s new for your decorating needs.

Bric–a–brac at Cyndy’s BynnBric–a–brac at Cyndy’s BynnBric–a–brac at Cyndy’s Bynn

Bric–a–brac at Cyndy’s BynnBric–a–brac at Cyndy’s BynnBric–a–brac at Cyndy’s Bynn

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